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We are the team behind Prosperity—creating a product that helps to maintain the highest level of prosperity for a changing life and a changing society.

The Prosperity Universe

The Prosperity Team

Berlin and remote

David Durlan, Software Engineer

David Durlan

David Thomas Grübl, Managing Director, Product

David Thomas Grübl

Florian Oefner, Product Manager

Florian Oefner

Joseph Okharedia, Staff Software Engineer

Joseph Okharedia

Majed Idilbi, Junior Software Engineer

Majed Idilbi

Max von Webel, Staff Software Engineer

Max von Webel

Shannon Donker, Product Designer

Shannon Donker

Stephan Bönnemann-Walenta, Managing Director, Engineering

Stephan Bönnemann-Walenta

Map of Berlin with our office location marked
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